Customer Reviews

This company is literally the best! Very honest, fast response time, kind, highly knowledgable, great communication, and basically handled my situation very professionally and quickly. I really think I would have been in a terrible situation had I gone with any other company. No one even comes close. If you are reading this, just call them. Don't look any further. They will hands down, without a doubt, handle what you need, completely and fast. Highly Highly recommend!

– Mariela Villaverde

I had a pipe break and flood my bathroom and 2 bedrooms. I got home from work at 9pm and there was a lot of water and must have been running all day. I called and they had a crew there in 15 minutes that started getting the water out. I didn't really know what needed to be done cause I had never had a flood but they explained the process very well and I felt comfortable with everything. They were in touch and communicated with my insurance company the whole time and my insurance paid for everything. Not a fun situation for me but they did a great job and were very professional.

– Cassandra Flynn

The team acted quickly to clean up and repair the damage in my house. The team lead was very responsive and patient to all my emails and texts. I appreciate their help to get my house back to normal.

– Hanh Thai

ATEX Restoration did an amazing job remediating and repairing our water damage. They are VERY responsive and professional. They adhered to the projected schedule and delivered quality services. I will definitely use them again in the future.

– Dianne Borreson

My sewer line backed up and caused major water damage.
They came in and got started right away.
Once the insurance ok'd the contract they contacted me right away to get started.
It took a very short time for them to finish. The house looks fantastic.
I hope I never need to use them again but if I do I wouldn't hesitate.
Great customer service and fast response time.

– Silas Medina

They came out (both times) my house flooded and did an amazing job cleaning up. They worked fast and efficiently. They also did such a great job making sure to find all the water in my house and were super thorough, so I would not have any further problems. They got a moving team out here and packed and moved my belongings with care. They were super patient with all of my questions. Made sure to work seamlessly with my Insurance. The whole team is so professional and easy to get ahold of. They also did a fantastic job putting my house back together and made it look even better than before! I could go on and on about what great customer service I received. Will definitely highly recommend them!

– Kaila MacMillan