Living with Black Mold is an Unpleasant Fact of Life

An Unpleasant Fact of Life

It’s one of those unpleasant facts of life. Mold, it can be found in every environment we humans live in. You’ll find mold in the soil, on plants, and decaying organic matter. It’s all part of the process of decay and rebirth. All this is fine and good, but left unchecked mold growth in doors can become a serious health hazard for humans. Mold can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat. It can cause skin irritation, sneezing, frequent headaches, trouble breathing. Constant exposure over time can increase the human body’s sensitivity to mold. To find out if you have a mold problem order a mold inspection Austin.

It’s In Our Home

Most households will occasionally see mold growth on food or in damp areas of the home. Molds produce spores that will land and grow on any available surface. Molds require food, and any organic surface such as wood ,insulation, paper, cardboard, will do. Basically all the materials used to build you house or office can provide the food for mold growth. Throw in moisture and you have the optimal environment for mold. You can’t eliminate all the food sources but, the one thing you can have some control over is the moisture.

Regular Maintenance Helps

Regularly checking your water sources for leaks and moisture build up can go a long way in having some control over moisture content in your environment. Look for leaky pipes, check bathroom areas where humidity is usually high and maintain ventilation to keep humidity as low as possible. Where ever and whenever mold is spotted it should immediately eliminated. Air conditioning systems should be maintained and if mold is spotted or suspected a professional inspection and cleaning is called for. If you live in a high humidity climate a dehumidifier may be necessary. You need to be aware that the best mold remediation will be worthless if the source of moisture is not eliminated.

Serious Mold Damage

If you have a water damage event like a flood, or plumbing failure, immediately call in a Water Damage Restoration Professional to dry the structure. Quickly drying the saturated areas and items denies mold a place to grow. The longer you wait the worse it will be. It only takes mold a short time to get a foothold in a suitable environment…

Again, don’t wait get professional help ASAP.