Expert Contents Restoration Services

When water, fire, or mold damage strikes your property, many of your possessions and furniture are harmed. You don’t have to worry about throwing everything out and starting over from scratch. Instead, turn to ATEX Restoration for our professional contents restoration services. Our skilled team uses state-of-the-art techniques to transform your damaged items. If you need help salvaging your belongings after a disaster, give us a call.

Contents Restoration Services Serving Austin, Texas



Our level of care and attention to detail helps ensure we give our customers the best contents restoration results possible.

Careful Work

Careful Work

Our team is friendly and communicative, prioritizing our customers’ experiences.

Friendly Service

Friendly Service

Our team is friendly and communicative, prioritizing our customers’ experiences.

How Contents Restoration Works



We assess the contents, noting any damage they’ve sustained.


Specialized Contents Cleaning

We use state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals to combat damage. Our team is trained in a variety of content restoration techniques, each best suited to different materials and types of damage.



We treat any musty, dusty, or smokey scents lingering on the items.

Professional Contents Restoration Services Save You Money

Having to replace tens and hundreds of items in your home or business gets expensive fast. Plus, having to shop for and purchase replacement belongings while you’re in the middle of dealing with property damage is stressful and time-consuming. When you turn to ATEX to restore your belongings, you save money, effort, and time.

Save Your Sentimental Items

Having to discard ruined prized belongings and sentimental items can be heartbreaking. What if you didn’t have to part with them? Our contents specialists are experts in a variety of restoration approaches designed to treat all kinds of items. Don’t give up on saving your treasured belongings prematurely. Give us a call, and we’ll see what we can do.

Contents We Restore

We can restore most of the common items found in homes and businesses, including:

If you have any questions about what kinds of things we can restore, just give us a call.


Whether or not we can restore an item depends on the type of damage it has sustained. Our goal is to transform as many of your belongings to a like-new or improved condition as possible.  We always communicate honestly with you when we believe an item is unsalvageable.

Lots of insurance policies do cover contents restoration services, but it depends on the policy. Your insurance representative is your best resource for confirming what services are covered for you.

The cost of content restoration depends on the difficulty of the restoration and the number of items you would like restored. We give free estimates for potential customers.

Restore Your Property in 3 Easy Steps

Get Your House Back to Being Your Home, Or Your Business Back Up and Running with ATEX Restoration.

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We have team members standing by to help 24/7 so cleanup can start as soon as possible.

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After we have thoroughly inspected the damage, we will provide a free consultation and estimate.

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We'll work with your insurance company and manage every aspect of the process from cleanup to repairs.