4 Helpful Tips To Help You Discover a Water Leak

Leaks Not Always in Plain Sight

Sometimes there are water leaks in your home that don’t do any visual damage to the house. However, leaking water is monitored by your water company for billing. So, these types of leaks do damage to your pocketbook. There are some simple techniques that you can use water leak detection.

• Hot Water Leaks Sometimes the pressure Valve is plumbed into a drain and may be leaking without your knowledge. Listen for a hissing sound if you can’t remove the drain pipe.
• Toilets You can open the water tank to add some food coloring. If the food coloring shows in the bowl after a few minutes, you have a leak.
• The Meter Line If you have a shut-off valve buy the house shut the water off. Now take a look at the meter reading if it’s still turning you have a leak in the line to the house.
• You also want to check all the housing bibs and garden hoses and connections for leaks.
Hopefully, you won’t find leaks but if you do you can call your plumber and point directly to the leaks you want to be repaired. That should save some time on the hourly rate.